About us

The word Friday conjures up many things to people, but more often than not it is linked to the excitement of the days soon to come… Friday brings with it a break from the daily grind, time for our own passions, and quality time to spend with those we love.

Friday the label was brought to life through a love of spirituality, healing, metaphysics, travel, art, creativity and all the beautiful things in between.

On our own healing journey we have come across a great deal of amazing books, oils and psychic tools which we have made available on our website to help anyone looking to enrich their lives.

We make every effort to ensure our crystals are ethically sourced and mined.

Our hand painted tapestries, roundies, bed spreads, jewellery, swimwear and accessories have been sourced from across the globe, not only to appeal to a sense of understated beauty and serve a purpose to our cherished customers, but they also help and support those who created them. 

A desire to share these unique and culturally diverse items with those who also crave connection across the world is the primary purpose of Friday The Label

All efforts are made to ensure that no harm has come to any earthling - both man and beast -  through the manufacturing of these items, and that naturally sourced and sustainably based materials are used wherever possible.

Friday’s founder Bec is a homemaker and mother of five children who live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia.

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