• Amethyst Cacti/Spirit Quartz
  • Amethyst Cacti/Spirit Quartz
  • Amethyst Cacti/Spirit Quartz

Friday the Label

Amethyst Cacti/Spirit Quartz

$29.00 AUD



Amethyst Spirit Quartz opens the higher crown chakras, aligning to the infinity of being and bringing about transmutation of prior misuses of spiritual power. Bringing about multi-dimensional healing. Including soul parts not currently in incarnation, this compassionate stone facilitates transition to other states of being. It assists a soul facing death and offers immense support and comfort throughout a terminal illness. Amethyst Spirit Quartz is the perfect carrier for flower or gem essences to gently dissolve karma, attitudes and emotions that would be detrimental if taken into the next world. An effective tool for spirit release, it encourages a trapped soul to move towards the light, attracting guides for the journey. Holding the stone enables a practitioner to safely journey wherever may be necessary to release the soul and to ascertain whether there is anything that the soul needs to complete before it moves on.

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