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Atlantis Cards

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Atlantis Cards

By Diana Cooper


The myth of the magical world of Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries: the spiritually highly evolved inhabitants of Golden Atlantis revered and honoured every aspect of the natural world, recognising that everyone and everything is part Source. From this respectful position they lead lives full of grace, compassion and love for each other.

Diana Cooper has magnificently captured and put to use the positive vibrations of the Atlantean time in this new card set richly illustrated by Damian Keenan. They can provide insights and inspiration for our life path, highlighting our strengths and helping us to work with our weaknesses in the best possible way.


Findhorn Press


13 x 9.5 cms


Includes 44 cards, packaged in a hard-cover box set and display stand.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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