• Citrine Cacti/Spirit Quartz

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Citrine Cacti/Spirit Quartz

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This Gorgeous Spirit Quartz has both Amethyst and Citrine points and properties, this rare stone is only found in one special location in South Africa.

Citrine Spirit Quartz works through the earth and solar plexus chakras, helping in standing centred in your power and directing your life from that place. This stone purifies intent and is particularly useful for accessing true abundance while paradoxically releasing dependence on, or attachment to, material things. Promoting self-awareness, it purifies and cleanses the biomagnetic sheath. It business, it focuses goals and plans. In grids, Citrine Spirit Quartz protects a house against electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress and heals disturbed earth energies. It is helpful for conflict resolution and sending forgiveness to those you feel have wronged you, or to ask for forgiveness for yourself or a world situation.

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