• CLEARANCE: Mahana Mandala King Duvet Cover

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CLEARANCE: Mahana Mandala King Duvet Cover

$50.00 AUD $100.00 AUD



Please note that this is a unique item being sold separately due to an aesthetic or functional fault. Please see item details below for more information.


Our Beautiful Mahana mandala is a boho babe essential.

Handmade from 100% Cotton featuring a vibrant mandala design.

Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Vegan, Cruelty Free


Fault Details:

This is not a duvet set, this is an individual Mahana mandala king duvet cover without pillowcases. This duvet cover is in perfect condition. 


Care Instructions:

Gently hand wash in cold water.

As the inks used are vegetable dye they cannot withstand harsh chemicals or bleach.

Do Not Bleach  * Do Not Dry Clean * Do Not Machine Wash

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