• Labradorite Spheres
  • Labradorite Spheres
  • Labradorite Spheres

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Labradorite Spheres

$105.00 AUD



Labradorite is pure magic.

It has deep roots in magic and healing and is one of the best stones to use for divination and transformational work.

It resonates with all chakras, depending on what colours are present in the stone. However, Labradorite is predominantly related to the third eye and throat chakras. It has many uses and is extremely versatile for reiki and healing.

My favourite shape for most stones is sphere shape, and this is probably my absolute favourite type of stone to have as a sphere.

They resemble mini planets and with there incredible flashes of luminescent colour they are for sure other worldly. 

Labradorite has always proven to be one of the best at helping the third eye open and making one, more perceptive to what lies beyond the veil.

It's great to have on an altar or next to you as you're reading tarot or divining.

It is also extremely calming and protective.

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