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  • Palo Santo Bundle
  • Palo Santo Bundle

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Palo Santo Bundle

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Palo Santo - Bursera graveolens


Bursera graveolens, or more commonly known as palo santo (which translates to “holy stick”), is a wild tree native to Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela. The tree belongs to the Burseraceae family which is the same family that also includes frankincense and myrrh. It is traditionally used in folk medicine for stomach ache, as sudorific, and as liniment for rheumatism. Palo Santo is used for crafting objects and to produce burning sticks and incense. The use of Palo Santo is traditional in South America, especially in Ecuador, where local customs burn the wood to disperse and protect against “mala energia” (bad energy). Palo santo wood may be burned, similar to incense, by lighting shavings of the wood. Shamans (medicine men) in Peru light palo santo sticks to clear misfortune, negative thought patterns and evil spirits as the rising smokes enters the energy field of ritual participants. The charcoal of palo santo sticks can also be used for ritual smudging. Palo Santo oil was used during the time of the Incas for its reputed spiritual purifying properties. Today, palo santo oil is used in Aromatherapy to increase relaxation.


Aromatic Description

Palo santo has a beautiful sweet and woodsy aroma when burnt.


Healing Benefits

Used for common cold  & flu, asthma, migraines and headache. Great to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Also has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. Insect repellent. Possible use for coughs, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.


Spiritual Benefits

Highly regarded for spiritual applications, used for vibrational work and clearing negativity. It is energetically cleansing and healing, with properties similar to sage. It creates an amazing aroma when burnt and the smoke should work well to raise your vibration, enhance creativity, clear negative energies and bring good fortune.


Plant Part.



Main Constituents

Limonene and ɑ-terpineol.



Paua shell is included in Palo Santo + Paua Shell variants - not in ordinary Palo Santo Bundles. Crystals and accessories sold separately.

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