• Pink Aventurine Pendulum
  • Pink Aventurine Pendulum

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Pink Aventurine Pendulum

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Pink Aventurine Pendulum with detachable Chakra Stone Chain

The coloring of pink aventurine is supplied by the hematite and/or goethite within it. 

It assists us in connecting with spirit guides, and it encourages us to operate from a perspective of love for others and for ourselves. It leads us to develop appreciation for the all of who we are and for our bodies, and it connects us to the divinity inside of us. This stone will help you to determine your higher purpose, this by creating a perceivable contrast of energies between life options that are merely open to you and those that will serve you best.

Pink aventurine is a heart chakra stone, but as well, it is the result of combining red with white, so it is also relative to the crown and root chakra centers. It draws out the qualities of tenderness, love and nurture, kindness, compassion, romance, friendship, youthfulness, the inner child, peacefulness, femininity, inner strength, and emotional balance. Additionally it helps us to identify our true feelings. Too much exposure to pink, however, leads one to be overly passive.

All our crystals come from fair-trade, cruelty free sources and have been cleansed of any negative energies and reenergised under the light of the moon

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