• Shibori Ripple King Duvet Combo

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Shibori Ripple King Duvet Combo

$50.00 AUD $110.00 AUD



Handmade from 100% Cotton featuring a Stunning Shibori Tie-Dye Design.

Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Vegan, Cruelty Free

Our Gorgeous Bedding, Throws, Floor Pillow Covers and Beach Roundies are all hand made in India from an ethical source, using vegan/cruelty free vegetable ink, this 100% cotton product has been carefully selected to represent a sustainable & cruelty free lifestyle

Duvet & Pillowcase Combo includes:

1 x King/Queen size Duvet Cover 
2 x Pillow Cases

Please note:

These are hand made linen sheets, so imperfections can be expected in paints and colours. 

There is likely to be imperfections with print, such as slight running of dye, teeny paint spots, slight print imperfections etc. 

We have painstakingly gone through each one and are only selling the highest quality though keeping in mind that slight 'flaws' are part of their uniqueness.

Care Instructions:

Gently hand wash in cold water.

As the inks used are vegetable dye they cannot withstand harsh chemicals or bleach.

Do not bleach  * Do not dry clean * Do not machine wash


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