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The Celtic Shaman's Pack (Pre-Order)

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The Celtic Shaman’s Pack

Journeys on the Shaman’s Path

By John Matthews


Enter the magical realm of the shaman and develop your latent shamanic skills. The Celtic Shaman’s Pack offers direct access to the inner cosmos of the Celts, enabling you to make contact with the powerful archetypes to be found there. This pack constitutes your ‘shaman’s pouch’ – your very own collection of items imbued with magical or mystical significance, offering a bridge between the world of the everyday and the world of unseen reality that is a part of every shaman’s training. The cards represent key aspects of the Celtic universe, providing you with a set of shamanic journey coordinates. By working with the images on a daily basis, for divination and discovery, you will learn to journey on the visionary path and gain a heightened understanding of yourself, as well as insight into your true life direction.

About the Author

John Matthews (born 1948) has been involved in study of the mysteries of Britain including the Arthurian Legends and the Grail Myth, for almost fifty years. He has published over ninety books on myth, the Arthurian Legends and Grail studies, including The Grail: Quest for the Eternal (1981), and most recently The Camelot Oracle (2012, with Will Worthington). He has also published short stories, a volume of poetry, and several successful children's books, most notably Pirates (2006) which was on the New York Times best-seller list for twenty-two weeks. His book Arthur of Albion (2009) won multiple awards, including a Gold Medal from NAPPA, a gold Moonbeams award and a BIB Golden Apple Award.

He has taught throughout Europe and the United States and has acted as advisor for a number of media projects including the Jerry Bruckheimer film "King Arthur" (2004). He has appeared on History Channel and Discovery Channel programmes on Arthur and the Holy Grail, and shared a BAFTA award for his work on the educational DVD made to accompany "King Arthur". He has served as a guest editor for the international journal Arthuriana, on whose editorial board he also sits. In 2009 he set up the production company Mythwood Films with Wil Kinghan, and a full-length feature, "The Mermaids", is forthcoming.


Dimensions: 21 x 15.5 cms

Includes 40 Cards and a 176 page guide book.

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