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The Secret Language Of Your Body (Pre-Order)

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The Secret Language Of Your Body

The essential guide to health and wellness

By Inna Segal


The essential reference guide for traditional and alternative health practitioners, and anyone interested in the inner workings of their body, self-healing and wellbeing. In this newly revised, expanded and updated edition of her bestselling book, author Inna Segal unveils the secrets to understanding the messages of your body and reveals the underlying mental, emotional and energetic causes of physical symptoms and medical conditions. This powerful handbook delves deeply into the possible reasons for health issues in all areas of your body. Inna offers a unique, step-by-step method to assist in returning your body to its natural state of health. By encouraging you to connect with your innate healing intelligence and calling on your body's in-built ability to heal itself, Inna gently guides you on a journey of life-changing transformation and empowerment where you will:

- Heal the emotional, mental and energetic cause of physical ailments

- Use easy, quick, practical exercises to heal your organs

- Learn the secret language of disease and powerful processes for healin

- Understand and release limiting thoughts and emotions

- Discover how to use colour to heal your life

- Uncover and apply the messages your body has to teach you

About the Author

Inna is a gifted healer and a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness.  She can “see” illness and blocks in a person’s body by intuitive means, explain what is occurring, and guide people through self-healing processes.

Inna Segal is an award winning best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness, and The Secret Language of Color Cards. Inna is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author and television presenter. Her latest ground-breaking book is The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions. Her latest card deck is called Heal Yourself Reading Cards. Inna’s work is supported by medical doctors, natural health practitioners from virtually every modality.

Inna teaches her students how to penetrate into the energy, symbology and the soul of the body in order to learn the true language of the body. In this way there is no guessing about what is really occurring in the body, only true understanding, acknowledgement and transformation.

Published by BLUE ANGEL GALLERY, 2010.


Page count: 255

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